Software Setup & Implementation

I'll help you setup your business to easily manage your clients and provide an elevated customer experience.

It's important to have not only a process but a system to book clients faster and stay organized.

Let's face it, doing the administrative part of your business isn't always something we all look forward to. I think of a million of other things I would rather be doing.

Let's Talk about the Benefits

♡ Automate information people request -
no more rewriting your emails for every new client

♡ Keep track of who responded to your emails
(you can also view who's opened your email)

♡ Get your contracts signed electronical - no need for 3rd party application

♡ Create workflows and send specific information

♡ Weed out the people that are just shopping around

♡ Organized communication

♡ Set expiration date to your proposals

♡ Get Booked and Paid faster! And much more!

What is Dubsado?

Dubsado is a business management tool designed to eliminate the busy work of a project by automating alot of the email and forms you are always sending.

With Dubsado, you will be able to create Lead Captures, canned emails, contracts, questionnaires, Proposals and so much more!
Let's face it, you don't have time to figure out a system and test to make sure things are working properly. I will help you consolidate your process into Dubsado and design it to go with your branding!

  • 🖤 Integrate logo and brand

    🖤 Add packages and create proposals to match your brand

    🖤 Add contracts for electronic signature - no need for 3rd applications

    🖤Setup an invoicing system and payment schedules

    🖤Integrate a payment process to get paid!

    🖤 Created canned emails with copy that converts so you don't have to write the same content over and over again.

  • 🖤 Embed lead capture form into the contact page of your website (when a lead fills out your form it will automatically populate their information into your Dubsado account)

    🖤 Draft an automated response so when leads fill out the contact form they know you’ll be in touch soon

    🖤 Get more done in less time. I’ll Implement a workflow to automate your Dubsado account so you can work smarter, not harder

    🖤 Video walkthrough on how to use this amazing system

    🖤 3o days of email support afterwards

  • What we'll discuss in our Strategy Session

    🖤 All the steps of your onboarding process

    🖤 What information do you need from your clients in order to provide your service.

    🖤 Payment schedules. Do they pay in full or 50%?

  • Creating Content

    🖤 Contract ( do you use the same for all services or do you need different ones for each service?)

    🖤 Services - description and what's inlcuded in each service

    🖤 Input Questionniares

    🖤 Email automation. To create workflows you will need to have emails for each step of your process. You can think about emails to send your proposal, follow-up, send your contract send your invoice, Follow up when invoice is not paid, schedule an appointment, reschedule an appointment and asking for feedback

    Each one will depend on the type of services your provide and your client journey.

Dubsado Services