Design Process

Production will not beginunti form & payment have been submitted.lease complete and submit design inquiry form will all orders. 

Client/Designer consultation video call where vision, pricig, completion date, etc is discussed. (Unless otherwise requested - info can be submitted via design form)

  • Designer will review all information submitted & begin production in adobe Illustrator/Photoshop
  • Frist draft of design will be submitted to clien tto either approve or request revisions. *Up to 3 revisions included. 
  • Once design is approved by client, client will receive finalized files via email.

Turnaround Times

Logo Services: 5 Business Days

Website Development: 2-8 Weeks

*please be advised that this ETA is approximate and is subjec tot change base don project/client.

Business days do not include weekends, and all major holidays.


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Communication during Production

Beyond design form and consultation call, designer will only contact you if there are any questions and when first drafts are ready for submission. Otherwise, agreed upon completion date is set and designer will only contact you via email. If contacting, plus allow up to 72 hours fora response. 

To prevent delays in production, designer will not respond to personal messages on social media regarding design status.


Client has up to 5 business day to provide feedback (request changes or approve design) after each draft submission and/ or request for more information. If client fails to do so in the time allowed, order will be marked as complete and designer will send finalized files as is. To resume, there will be a $75 fee to be paid via emailed invoice before turnaround time can be rest. 

 Website Design

Turnaround time does not start unitl all needed documents have been submitted to hello@berry-posh.com

Designer will fully design page layout(s) for client to approve design before uploading into account. 

Designer will get approval prior to & permission to publish completed sie. 

To avoid delays in project completion, please ensure professional photos from a photoshoot will be taken, edited and elivered no longer than 10 days after booking web design order. " We only work with photos from professional photoshoot and/or professional stock photos.


  • All Designs are final sale

  • Due to the type of product, there are no refunds

Ghost Fee

If “the Client” disappears, meaning no communication at all via email,
for more than 7 days, they client will receive 2 courtesy emails in an
attempt to get in contact with them. If they do not respond after 2 of attempts, the project will then be closed/paused and the client will have to pay a “ghost fee” within 3 of days in order for the designer Rosie to resume the order.

If the client fails to do so, the order will be closed. No refund will be eligible.
All closed orders can be reopened within 5 days of closure for a fee of
$75 which will need to be paid in full. If you attempt to reopen your order outside of the time frame stated you will need to pay full price for the services previously

Logo Design Revisions

For all design proofs created by Berry Posh Prints while your order is still open,
there are 3 revision limit. After you have reached your limit of 3 revisions per
design, a fee of $20 will incur per round of revisions.

For all revisions requested 7 days AFTER your designs have been finalized, and your order has been closed, will require a fee of $40 for 2 more revisions to be made PER design.

Example: If you request to have your logo design changed as well as on your
business card designs, that would mean you need 2 design changes requested, and will be charged PER design.


Drafted images (or proofs) of any kind are for approval purposes ONLY. The client does not have permission to copy, manipulate, or distribute these
designs to anyone else outside of myself, Berry Posh Prints. All drafts are the property of Berry Posh Prints.

File types

The following file types will be delivered via email from Berry Posh Prints to

the client when this project is completed: JPG, PNG, PDF & AI.